diet for healthy body

Are you looking forward to achieving your dream body? If yes, the tips mentioned below can surely help you to get one. If you are ready to take your diet to a rollercoaster ride, here’s what you should do.

Control your sweet tooth

Are you someone who often faces late night sweet craving problems? Well, to please your sweet tooth without driving yourself over the optimum calorie else, including in the late night hours, think of a fruit first. Make sure you resist your cake and chocolate siren. Rather, enjoy a sliced apple with some peanut butter. Alternatively, you can also use almond butter. After the meal, you can sleep sweet, understanding you are nevertheless on a healthy, right and proper diet.

Manage your food portions

The first step to fitness is to curb your food portions. Think of serving your cutting your steak into half. This is due to the fact that it is ideal to fill half of your plate with fresh fruits and veggies. Therefore, it becomes harder to overdo it on the higher calorie dishes like barbeque sauce or cheesy potatoes.

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Food proportion in diet

Control water during your cocktail hours

Make sure to not order water between your drinks on a ladies night. You would not want to rack those sneaky liquid calories. So, if you feel the urge to drink water in between your drinks, make sure to order sparkling varieties with a mixture of lime, orange, martini and others.

Eat this, run that

It is important to plan what you are going to eat for your full working day or morning. You need to choose something that’ll go down easy and also keep you fueled. You always have good luck with a fruit or a whole bowl of oatmeal with fruits for breakfast. Also, you can try cream cheese or peanut butter before your warm up. Make sure to burn those calories by working out more often than usual. Additionally, do not bother about mixing your morning coffee on a race day. Caffeine is fabulous for athletic performances. It may provide you with extended energy and also makes you sharper.

Decorate your food

It is simple to add fun in your food, even if you are loading up on veggies and fruits. Add plenty of spices, lemons and fresh herbs to your cooking to make your food look delicious than ever before. The result of a little dash of lime, plenty of spices and bits of herbs is something that can liven up a dish. The best part is that they contain almost calories. Make sure to experiment with your meal tonight.

Choose a fruity ice cream sundae

Don’t worry about being left out of the fun when your friends or colleagues choose to make an ice-cream run. Order a refreshing ice cream sundae. Make sure to pile it with diced kiwi, sweet strawberries, blueberries, banana and pineapple. No hefty calorie laden toppings are needed and you will get a serving of Delish fruit.

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Fuel for fitness

Looking for picking on a pace tomorrow? Consume food that can help you be strong. Opt for a high-carbohydrate meal that is similar to what you choose for your race day. Try a bagel with peanut butter, English muffin or a low-fat cream cheese. Have a well-rounded meal after your workout to assist with the recovery. Alternatively, you can have a slice of French toast with slices of fruit. This is one of the perfect protein carb ratio meals that help you enhance your recovery time, plus it is yummy too.

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Savor your carbs

When you are looking forward to stay slim, you might be tempted to cut out your carbs. But, before you proceed and add chips and rolls into your diet, keep in mind that tasty foods like potato chips, bread and fried rice contain resistant starch that can keep you full for hours. Plus, that is great for maintaining your fit body. Therefore, make sure you savor those carbs and rip open a bag of Lays whenever you feel like.

Slim up your snack

We know it’s hard to avoid those afternoon stomach rumbles, when there is no barrier between you and the office canteen. And, when it is finally the time to eat something for dinner, some food hacks can go you keep track of your weight. Not to mention that your colleagues will still encourage you to visit the office canteen, carry your own box of dry fruits to savor your tummy during those cravings.

Here are smart ways to have your snacks: