top cardio exercises

What reflects most in your mind when you first hear the word cardio? Running, Hiking, Cycling right?

All those stuff where you need to invest a lot of time and obviously a lot of space. If you try to find the way out in nature, you should have a park or at least, a traffic-free road in front of your home. So you kind of drop the idea of doing cardio although you know it is really important for you to balance the hectic life, to balance the stress, for peace.

What if we tell you that cardio is not limited to running, jogging or cycling! Strengthening free hand exercises are cardio, Weight training exercises are cardio, everything that makes your heart rate higher and makes you breathe heavy is cardio.

These types of bodily activities engage all our important muscles at the same time. By this, we can achieve a well-balanced growth and structural betterment. But we can opt for this wholesome betterment by part as well. In this article, we will find out the top cardio workout for women.

Benefits Of Cardio

Today we are living in a city-centric lifestyle. Every single aspect of our life is experiencing the utmost comfort. As the main concern is saving time we have gradually entered a world where our mental workout is extreme but physical workout is almost zero. Only a healthy body can contain a healthy mind. To stay fit and healthy cardio is a must for all of us. But there are some reasons why women should significantly focus on the cardio workout.

To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Are you suffering from high blood pressure? Cardiovascular exercises help in the reduction of high blood pressure. Proper exercise can control the hormones that help you stay stress-free and in turn reduces blood pressure and helps it keep normal.

To Reducing Chronic Pain

Are you suffering from chronic backache or body pains? Trust me, cardio can do wonders there. Cardio activities like swimming will definitely help you. It relaxes the muscles functioning and promotes endurance. Also, it helps in weight reduction, and as a result, body pains might disappear.

To Improving Cardiovascular Health

American Heart Association recommends cardio for a healthy heart. So, how do you think cardio helps to improve cardiovascular health? Exercise makes sure our body pumps blood properly. It helps to transmit oxygen in our blood. Exercising will make the heart work properly and hence, contribute to improved heart health.

To Sound Sleep

Are you insomniac? Do you stay awake all night? If yes, cardio is your best medicine. Cardiovascular exercises help release good hormones that make you fall asleep peacefully. Sleep disorders are actually treated with some light exercising techniques. Remember, never exercise before bedtime, because it will energize your brain cells and hence, sleepless nights.

To A Stronger Immune System

Exercising regularly releases immunoglobulins in your body that actually is a certain increase in antibodies in your blood which helps to boost the immune system. A simple walk, or a brisk walk or 15 minutes of swimming each day can contribute to a stronger immune system.

To Weight Loss

Obviously, exercising daily, eating the right food and being healthy and happy truly aids weight Loss. Aerobics and cardio both together can help to reduce weight.

To Increasing Brain Power

Helps to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s also it promotes brain health. Helps you keep feeling fresh and young. Keep your mind working, memorizing power increases, and help you think positively.

Increased metabolic rate, boosts mood, reduces asthmatic symptoms and many more. All these benefits make Cardiovascular exercises one of the most important parts of healthy living.

Cardio Workout For Women

Cardio makes your heart and lungs perform at their best. That, in turn, is the key to a healthy life. There are reasons why we consider running, swimming, cycling etc. as the best cardio exercises, but these aren’t all, scroll down to check out some more exciting cardio training.

Jumping Jacks

Stand at your feet together and your hands at your side. Jump and kick the legs out and bring hands over your head. Jump and get back to the position you started.

jumping jacks

Perform it for 3 sets x Twenty per set.

What it does

Strengthen thigh muscle. Works on Shoulder Muscle.Good Exercise for the heart.

Push up

Place hands on the floor directly under your shoulder. Position your toes on the ground. Look forward and lower your chest until it is above a few inches from the ground. Exhale and push back to the former position.

Perform it for 3 sets x Ten Per set

What it does – Works on arm and shoulder. Strengthen arm. Best to shared weight real quick.


Stand with your feet wider than your hips. Feets pointed out slightly. Bend your knees until parallel to the floor. Back straight as much as possible. Push back to your previous position.


Perform it for 3 sets x Twenty per set.

What It Does

Works on your Heap muscles. Works on your back muscles. Good for cardiovascular expansion.


Lay on your stomach. Push yourself off the ground. Rest your weight on your forearms. Keep your body straight from heel to head.

Perform it for 3 sets x Ten seconds per Set.

What It Does

Works best on your back muscle. It creates extreme burn in stomach fat. Best for core strength enhancement.


Start lying on your back with arms next to you. Legs pointed straight into the air. Hold both the legs up in the air at an angle of 30 degrees. As you raise the right leg up, begin lowering Left leg the same way. Continue switching right and left.

leg scissors

Perform it for 3 sets x twenty per set.

What It Does

Works best for the lower abdomen part. Burns the fat out. Works for the thigh area.

That’s All

Yes, these are some of the best cardio workouts for women. that would work similarly for a 30-minute running or 1 Hour Cycling. Simply performing these exercises with proper rest, will help you boost up your body to perform at its best!