core exercise for women

Are you feeling heavy and bloated all day? It is due to an unhealthy and unfit body. We all know exercising is good for health but do we feel motivated? No, we don’t.

We are busy all day and it should be our duty to incorporate Exercise in our daily routine. You don’t have to go out and run every day or go to the gym. We have picked some of the best core exercises to help you reduce your belly fat. It is very important to strengthen your core in order to achieve an hourglass shape body.

Core Exercises helps you maintain a balanced posture and a strong body. Core includes obliques, internal core muscles, abs and glutes.

Let’s start with a 15 min core exercises for women.

15 Minutes Core Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat For Female At Home (no equipment)

Perform each of these exercises mentioned below with time. Do a warm up of 5 mins with short jumps or free hand Exercises. It will be best to warm up before you get into intense core workout.

Push-up For Abs, Arms And Shoulders

Lie upside down and move your palms apart aligning it with the shoulder. Keep your body weight balanced on the tip of the toes with extended legs. Bend your elbows and lower your body. Push through the palms of your hand to straighten the arm. Once done come down and repeat. Continue for 2 minute.

Core Exercises For Women- Reduce Belly Fat At Home 5

Bicycle Crunch For The Midsection

They help you rest the arms but are brutal for your midsection. It helps in the whole body movement with enormous strength

Lie with your face upward. Put your arms under your head and place your legs on tabletop position. Move up and twist your body to touch your right elbow with your left knee and left elbow with right knee straightening the other leg. Continue alternating it for 2 minute. Don’t move fast, you might get cramps. Go slow to feel the muscles burn.

Step-ups For Lower Body Muscles

Stand on a step, or a stair with a straightened back, legs and arms. Keep the feet on hip distance and use weights on both hands. Your palm should face your body. Put one feet in the middle of the step and back immediately. Do the same with both feet alternatively. Don’t be very fast, keep a moderate pace. Do it for 2 minute.


It is the best way to tone your abs and earn lean muscle as lose belly fat as well.

Lie down on your back and keep your knee at 90° with a flat feets. Put your palm on the back of your head/cross your arms over your chest. Now lift your torso and try to move close to your thigh as much as possible. Once you touch your thighs lean back and go to the starting position. Don’t lift your torso very fast, be steady and feel those abs crunching. Do it for 2 minute.


There are various types of crunches like vertical leg crunch, reverse crunch, twist crunch, ball crunch and long-arm crunch. Each of these crunches serve one purpose, belly fat reduction. You can follow any one. We have described the process of long- arm crunch and vertical leg crunch because we think it is best.

Core Exercises For Women- Reduce Belly Fat At Home 6

Long- arm Crunch

Lie down facing the ceiling and keep your arms straight behind your head. Contract your abs and lift your arms to go as much close you can get to your thigh and try to maintain balance of your body. Do this slowly for 1 minute.

Vertical Leg Crunch

Lie down facing the ceiling and keep your legs straight up. Put your hands beneath your head to support your body. Lift your body and go close to the lifted legs. Keep the legs fixed in position. Do this for 1 minute and don’t remember to breathe.

Core Exercises For Women- Reduce Belly Fat At Home 7

Planks For Core Strengthening And Belly Fat Reduction

Planks are one of the most strenuous Exercises to reduce belly fat. We have mentioned two types of planks. (A) planks (B) side planks


Put your body in a Push-Up position and hold it. Refrain from bending your knees and look forward. Keep the position for 30 seconds. Wait for 5 and repeat. If you can, hold position for a minute.

Core Exercises For Women- Reduce Belly Fat At Home 8

Side Planks

Lie sideways on the floor and support your body starting with the right elbow and leg. Keep the other leg above it and do not support your hips. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and rest. Breathe for 5 seconds and repeat for another 30 seconds. If possible hold your body for a minute.

This is a full-body exercise with plenty of muscle work. To gain strength overall perform squats. Its main thrust areas are buttocks, things and lower body.

Spread your legs sidewise. Legs should be hip-width apart and arms down by your side. Bend your knees and lower your body keeping your back straight. Push your weight onto heels. Arms will rise straight in front of you keeping the balance of your body. Your knees should noy go over your toes. Lift your chest and keep your body parallel with the floor. Hold the position for 30 seconds and revert to position. Do it once more for 30 seconds and release.These are some of the exercise to reduce belly fat for females at home.

2 Minute For Muscle Relax

Deep breathing and meditation will calm your body, mind and soul. Sit and take deep breathing with a light music for two minutes before you start your regular day. Don’t drink water while working out. Relax and then hydrate.

This article is well designed to give you ultimate benefit in just 15 minutes. 15 minutes for a strong core and a flat tummy. These are some of the core exercises for women. Exercise for a healthy and fit body but don’t exercise to please the social construct of a slim female body!