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Hello, would be mothers! Do you know exercising during pregnancy is actually beneficial for you and your baby? Do you feel nauseous every morning? Do you experience backache all the time? Feeling bloated? Constipation? Swollen ankle and sleepless nights? Don’t worry, we have divided the article into sections that will deal with your almost every query. Let’s get started with the general questions you have in mind right now?

Exercise For Pregnant- Is It Healthy?

There are different exercises you can try during pregnancy. Every woman is unique in their own way. Therefore, it is impossible for us to say what exercise you need to opt for. It is important that you take advice from your doctor before you think of exercising. There are Pregnancy specific modifications in each exercise. Don’t go for heavy Exercising like mountain climbing or biking or hiking even in the first trimester of your pregnancy

pregnancy exercises
Pregnant women exercising with ball in gym

There are some special conditions when it is restricted to exercise like severe anemia, incompetent cervix, placenta previa, ruptured membrane and others.

What Are The Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy?

This has a very good effect on you, your body, mind and the child. Exercise lifts your mood. “Endorphins” are released to help lift your mood, helps reduce anxiety and blocks pain. It also releases “cortisol” which helps in mood control, motivates you to do something good and controls fear responses. Helps you provide a deep sleep.

What Are The Effects Of Exercising On Your Baby?New research shows that a 29 weeks pregnant woman when exercising has tremendous benefits for the baby too. Exercise during pregnancy also helps the baby develop better brain health, a more fit heart, lower BMI.Active mother helps the child stay fit in the womb. A research was conducted with a mother. The baby’s cognitive development was measured and post measurement, the mother was suggested 20 mins of exercise daily. After a mother it was noticed, the child had better cognitive development.

Duration Of Exercising During Pregnancy-Generally 30 minutes of exercise is good for your health. During pregnancy the time remains the same but with lighter exercises obviously. You can walk on a trademill for 39 minute with intervals. You can go out for a morning or evening walk but be sure to rest every 10 minutes. Heavy household works like vacuum cleaning or light gardening can be effective too.

Workouts For Pregnant Women- For Every Trimester

We have divided this section into trimesters to help you understand what exercise is necessary for each trimester.

Workout For First Trimester

The beginning of anything is stressful. During the first trimester you might feel a drain in energy, therefore we would suggest exercises that will help you gain some.

Side Plank Crunch

This helps you sculpt your obliques and shoulder

Keep your body steady and begin with a side plank. You can start from left or your right. Whichever side you choose, keep the other hand on the back of your head and keep your torso stable, lift your hip and bring the leg up to your shoulder and tap on the elbow. Lengthen the leg back and turn to other side and repeat. 4-8 reps.

side plank

Bird Dog

Strengthens you lower back, core, abdominal muscles, butt and thighs

Place your hands firmly on the ground, kneel with knees apart. Now, lift one hand and the opposite leg balancing the other on the floor. Extend the leg behind and the arm infront of you. Do 5-10 reps.

Workout For Second Trimester

During the second trimester, would-be mothers face issues with pain and body aches. These exercises will focus on strengthening your muscles, keeping you pain free and maintaining proper body alignment.

Tricep Push-Up

Sculpt your tricep and chest

This is a kind of advanced push-up. Keep your palms steady and close while you lower down and lift your body. Don’t Stress too much because now you have a small baby bump. Do 5-10 reps.

triceps push up

Bent Over Flys

Sculpts upper back and tricep

Hold the dumbbell on each hand with palms facing each other and stand with your knees bent. Keel a flat back and hinge forward at the waist. Raise your arms to the side and bend the elbows while squeezing your shoulder blades together. Lower dumbbells up and down. Do 15 reps.

Workout For Third Trimester

The most important part during the third trimester is your booty, back and legs. To strengthen these areas follow these exercises.

Tabletop Booty Lift

Strengthens your butt and core

Place your hands and knees on the ground and lift a leg behind you. Toe resting for the other leg. Keep your hands steady, back flat and core engaged and then back to position. Do 5-10 reps.

butt workouts

Plié Squat And Pulse

Strengthens and sculpts your whole body

Spread your legs apart and angel your toes out to the side. Bent the knees and squat down to achieve a 90° angle. Now, pulse up and down and back to position. Do 10-15 reps.

Cardios During Pregnancy-

We will mention some simple cardios that will help you stay fit.


Water is best during pregnancy because you body feels light which will eventually help you. Swimming also helps relieve sciatic pain, nausea and puffy ankle.


Don’t over do. It can create joint pains and muscle strains. Ask your doctor. Stick to your daily routine. Avoid jerks and be careful.

Aerobics and Zumbas

This form is a very effective way to stay fit while you can enjoy other’s company. Music, good vibes and a happy surrounding will help you heal from Pregnancy related depressions.

aerobics for pregnant women


Pre-natal yoga helps a mother stay calm, focused, relaxed and flexible. Slight modifications in the posture to help you stay safe during pregnancy.
Some Important Tips To Keep In Mind

Drink a lot of water.

Don’t overdo and stress your body.
Avoid exercises that need you to lay on your back.
Stay motivated.

Happy motherhood ladies!